Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hillsborough Yard

Hillsborough Yard
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Our plein air group met in Hillsborough, NC yesterday for the absolute fun of painting in an entire neighborhood and the incredibly landscaped yards and churches of these neighbors.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect -- low 70s, sunshine (though we so need rain!!), good company, food, and the best of plein air hosts!

I found a shady corner of the home owners who hosted our meeting space -- and was immediately drawn to the stone steps -- and what else? POTS OF GERANIUMS!!! LOL This one home was filled with vignettes of all kinds - and quite a few of us settled right there to paint! And needless to say, I have quite a number of 'sketch photos' to use when life gets too busy to be outdoors during the daylight hours.

Charles came with me as did our friend Don. Don painted one of the churches and after his painting, he and Charles entertained us with their music and singing. FABULOUS!

After the painting hours, our plein air hosts, Nancy and Harley, joined Charles and I as we visited the boutiques, shops and galleries in Hillsborough -- what wonderful finds to see so many of our plein air members with art exhibited throughout the town.

We then ate an early dinner at Saratoga Restaurant -- GLORIOUSLY DELICIOUS FOOD! to celebrate my birthday (today).

I couldn't have asked for a finer, more enjoyable day!!!!!



Lorraine said...

Happy Happy Birthday dear friend. May your day be filled with delightful surprises and years and years of happiness and painting!!!

Your painting today is just exquisite. I am so impressed by how much detail you managed to convey but in the most airy and elegant loose style (wish I knew all the names for the styles!). Sounds like you had a perfect day and your painting reflects that.

Patti G. said...

Lin, What a gorgeous day and your watercolor makes me want to be there too!!!!!! Wheeeeeeee beautiful!!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lin! I am wishing you wonders and love and tons of HUGS!Patti

Anita said...

Happy Birthday Lin, beautiful painting!

Africantapestry said...

Your plein air group sounds like so much does it you get together weekly? Does everyone get a chance to be host with a theme? Is it at someone's house? do you enjoy lunch together? How many are you?
Wonderful, colourful sketch.

shirley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIN! And many, many more!!!! Your painting from yesterday is lovely.

Carol said...

Happy birthday! And it sounds like it was a great one filled with fun things. Your painting is lovely. I am interested in your answer to Ronell as I have never participated in one.

Felicity said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lin - hope you had a super day!! Gorgeous painting, I love those steps!

Lin said...

Thank you all for your kind wishes!

In answer to Ronell and Carol:
I am so blessed to have found this group!

A couple, in their spare time, have been creating these 'plein air visits' for three years -- the wife, Nancy, paints, and her husband Harley, just loves artists and their supplies!! LOL So once a month or so, they arrange (find, get permission, directions, make arrangements etc.) for all these private areas around the area, and invite all artists (any media) to join them for the day. Nancy and Harley provide lunch, snacks and all manner of comfort things (like cold towels when it was over 100F) -- and Harley goes around (checks on each artist several times) and makes sure each artist has what he or she needs --- we all get together for the lunch Harley provides -- then each artist goes back to his or her spot or a different one to sketch. Sometimes there are a few of us -- maybe 15 -- other times 40 or so -- depends on the site and who has time ... the charge is nominal -- $15 per event ... all food, access to the site -- company and most of all, that safety that you just can't get painting on your own.

They're planning an on-line magazine for next year with sites to see (public and others), some overnight trips, articles, and more ... I stumbled on this group and fell in love with the two of them .... what a gift!!!!

Jana Bouc said...

What a wonderful day. I can't imagine a better birthday, painting, being serenaded and being with people you love and who love you, and good food. It was a nice treat for me to see that you'd uploaded the picture in full size so that I could see all the wonderful details. Lovely work (or should I say "Play"!).