Sunday, September 16, 2007

Old Building

Old Building
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Old buildings still fascinate me...there's something so 'storylike' in the weathered wood, repairs, construction.

I sketched this one attempting for more 'softness/less stiffness' and I've had to continue to add darks in order for it to take any sturdy form. In a sense, I too had to 'age' the wood much as the structure had over the years.


Shirley said...

This whole series of doors and buildings is just wonderful. Hope we can continue to see MORE!

Lorraine said...

Nice job! I especially like the windows -- so realistic -- dusty in the corners! An the colors on the wood too.

Teri C said...

The wood looks so old and full of personality, I want to know what the story behind it is. I share your love of these historical things and am loving your door series!

mARTa said...

You would love Bodie, Ca. ( a ghost town east of the Sierras) This old building reminds me of that place. I too enjoy your building/door series.

Africantapestry said...

I also enjoy your series of doors and building...the older and more weathered, the more I love them!There is quite a few of really old worn building in SC..but I suppose you've seen them all!
Nice work

Penny said...

Love the aged look of the wood. Also enjoy seeing and hearing about your week end with grand children, sounds like a huge amount of fun, but tiring.

Tami said...

Gosh Lin, I missed this one, it's beautiful. Love the work with the darks, makes it POP!