Wednesday, January 23, 2008

After the rain

After the rain
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Our fields are much more grey this time of year, but looked similiar to this last fall. The somberness of the sky and bit of puddly shadows reflect a bit of the somberness this morning after a bit of much needed rain.

An insanely busy day yesterday, I'm hoping for a bit less freneticness today ...!


Lorraine said...

Such a lovely painting. I love that you have the very defined trees up front, then the less defined and then the muted trees (or as Bill used to say, the suggestion of trees in the background! I also like the road a lot - very much like the real one and the shading is lovely. We are snow covered again this morning; ice covered in some areas. Brrr.

Anonymous said...

Nice warm colours you've played with here..

Sandy said...

certainly depicted the warm earth iness in your fields here.

Teri C said...

It does look like a winter field, only beautifuler with your touch!

Joan said...

I like the autumn colors in this. It gives that special glow to the ground. Nicely done.

Tami said...

Glad you got some rain. I like the oranges in the grasses in this. You've done a wonderful job on the tree branches too.

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Beautiful Lin!!!! Great piece!
hugs, chris

Anonymous said...

You captured such wonderful depth in this painting, both with aerial and linear perspective. Beautiful work Lin!