Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Antique Tea Kettle

Antique Tea Kettle
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Back to the routine of working out of town, which also means sketching. I SO miss the leisure of the weekends to work on more 'polished' pieces.

Nonetheless, sketching and painting daily are good practice FOR the weekend paintings -- so here's last night's practice.

I love antiques -- and this old teapot sitting on a wood stove burner cover just spoke to me of quieter times (they DID exist, didn't they???), warm kitchens, the steam of hot water and the tastiness of tea shared with friends in the cozyness of a kitchen setting


Lorraine said...

What a lovely piece Lin -- the shadows and the way you've painted the silver -- that part defeats me. I especially like the wound wire/steel -- very nice. I was a tea drinker (with milk) when I was growing up in VT so it brings back memories. I still drink tea, in addition to coffee, but now it's without milk - I save that for the coffee - the richer the better.

Bonny said...

Great drawing, Lin!
It reminds me a bit of the kettle my German Oma used to have. The stove burned coal to give a consistant heat through the kitchen. The best place to be on a winter's day!

laureline said...

What a great shape! I love all those curlicues. I know others have said this, too, but you have had a real breakthrough in your work recently. Everything you produce is strong and just really, really good!

Teri C said...

Perfect and wonderful teakettle! You've got that shine and shape just perfect!