Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Arches from Mexico

Arches from Mexico
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The frigid weather continues here in the piedmont of North Carolina -- very unusual for us! And while it warmed up just enough to melt the last of the snow yesterday, I thought I'd try something a bit 'warmer' for my painting ...

I found this delightful photo of two arches (another love of mine!) and thought that wonderful orangey glow would warm the day!

I believe it's a photo from Mexico ...and it just seemed the perfect exercise for keeping a body warm on a cold, cold day.

It's back to work this morning and a rather intense week.....be safe on the roads -- we're expecting ice this morning!


Lorraine said...

Delightful change of pace. It sure does look Mexican -- the color and texture of the Adobe, the trees, esecially that old bent beautiful tree seeking the light. So much wonderful detail -- another winner! Warms me to see; we had a frigid day yesterday and snow last night.

Tami said...

Love that warm oragne color; beautiful job on getting nice even arches too! I like this whole painting a lot! Be careful driving out there.

laureline said...

Interesting composition with strong negative shapes and lovely, arching lines.

mARTa said...

just beautiful Lin! I am longing for warmer weather now also.

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely mexican feel..I'd like to be there now...nice warm sunshine, a big hat, a cool drink..

Joan said...

Nice warm tones in this sunny painting of the arches. Seems like you're really experiencing some winter weather down there.

Robyn said...

Gorgeous - I want to be there now.
I was amused at your reference to piedmont of NC, Lin. Some friends here have just bought a house in Piedmont and all the Tuscans are muttering - but it's SO cold and the mosquitoes are as big as birds. Talk about regional rivalry!