Saturday, January 26, 2008

Barn at Daybreak

Barn at Daybreak
Originally uploaded by linfrye
An experimental painting from a photograph of a cold, winter scene. I'm still working through some issues of 'looseness and letting it alone' (SIGH) as well as simplifying the scene. The photo I used was of a simple barn and line of trees/shrubs, with the faint light from the sun coming from the right. I thought I'd see how much I could 'interpret' the scene in my own way and yet remain somewhat true to the original. The more subtle yellows of the sun were not picked up by the scanner.

I fiddled far too much with this, I know, and I think this 'letting it do it's thing' is going to be a constant lesson for me. I was also in my sketchbook instead of watercolor paper.

I'm off to my daughter's for the week so I may be scarce for a while. But I'll be sketching each chance I get ...!


starrgirl's world said...

It's lovely, as usual, Lin. You really captured the feeling, and to me, that is what painting is about. Have a fun week!

Teri C said...

Lin, I think this painting is just beautiful. Makes the day look so fresh and inviting!!

Enjoy your visit.

Lorraine said...

Oh it looks just like Vermont -- the snow is perfect, the shadows just right and the sky is breathtaking. Brrr, it's very realistic!!! Have a good week and be careful on the roads.