Thursday, January 31, 2008

Green Fields

Green Fields
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My dd came home last night and the reunion of mother and child (wasn't that a song??) was a delight to see ....Since this was my dd's first trip away from her dd, we surprised 'mommy' with a 'Welcome Home' balloon and a 'Congrats' balloon for her winning one of her company's trips for outstanding saleswomanship!!! YAHOO! Sorry, I am just so proud of her and how she copes while her husband is serving overseas!

Yesterday's painting isn't this bright in real life -- perhaps it's the monitor? But a bit more gold and blue/green than seen here ..I tried NOT to fuss with the trees and leave them a tad more abstract than I would normally, and do the fields in one or two strokes finished with a drybrush detail.

I'd also like to thank YOU for your kind responses and suggestions towards achieving more looseness in my paintings. I will definitely be doing more practicing with those suggestions as I work through the 'challenges' of artful growth (or whatever it's called when we keep trying for something different!!!) LOL

In the meantime, I'll be practicing in my head as I head back to NC this morning and catch up on some much needed sleep! Two year olds really have the market corned on energy, don't they?! LOL


Lorraine said...

Oh I love your loose fir trees. My instructor,Bill, would be so proud of you!!! The whole scene is a delight to my senses -- again, it reminds me of Vermont -- the fields, the little farm house tucked back in the corner -- your perspective is great; your colors are great, your whole scene just works beautifully! Bravo. Oh, I love the sky too -- very interesting and varied.
Safe trip home. Yup, if we could just bottle that energy and save it until now!

Teri C said...

Another beauty Lin and I never get tired of saying it!

And those grands really do have the market cornered is right!!

Tami said...

Your trees are lovely Lin! Enjoy painting in your head! Funny how much you actually learn like that! I have the same trouble with the greens and golds in my paintings that you do but it looks good on my computer.

Jona said...

Lovely one. I really like the sense of depth in this one and the closest field with the grass.

Congratulations to your daughter!

Jona said...

Answering here your comments on my blog...
Yes, I think I'll try to order on-line some books on watercolors and W&N Artist quality.
Oh, thank you for your comments on my wee slipper. :))) Spent two min on it (with the new pencil ;))
Good perspective , depth are just a case, believe me. ;)

Have a nice evening, Lin...or better midday!

Linda said...

Wonderful! I just love the thoughts of you with your grandchildren and your daughter.

Anonymous said...

Love these last two paintings the previous one you have nice, clear cool painting and this one is just the opposite with it's warmer colours. Lovely capture of both scenes.

Joan said...

Lovely patchwork landscape and wonderful colors. Super job on the trees!