Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Loose, Loose, Loose at Last!

Loose, Loose, Loose at Last!
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Well! Finally! Something I think of as 'painterly' and 'loose' .... So how did this happen and how can I do it again? Sigh! I have to say that it's nothing more than what I've been reading and attempting for a while --

* Use a bit more water -- most of the time, especially in my sketchbook, my paint is too dry --
* However, be sure that the correct values for the washes are reached prior to putting brush to paper!
* Lighten my pencil lines
* Brush on paint with confidence
* Wait until it dries

* QUIT fiddling WITH IT.

* And probably The #1 thing -- PLAN BEFORE PAINTING!

Now if I can only do this consistently!!!



laureline said...

Wonderful job, cara! Keep going!

Anonymous said...

This looks great Lin...you've achieved all your goals.

Felicity said...

Fabulous Lin!! I love the fabulous blending of colours too! Oh, I wish watercolour would behave that way for me!

Joan said...

Lin - This came out great! You got such nice deep colors. I laughed at you list. How I wish I could do that all the time too!! It really does make a difference.

Claudia said...

Lin, you're on your way! Fabulous!

Lorraine said...

Beautiful; soft and loose! I think you've got it! I always had the hardest time "leaving it alone." Just one more touch .... oops, now it's ruined!!!
It's so hard to know when it's done but you seem to have achieved this very difficult skill!

mARTa said...

Oh how lovely Lin! I have a few of these shells from walks along the beach in Mexico when I was a young girl. They turned out beautiful!

Teri C said...

This is the loosest I have seen you paint! And it is beautiful.

Jona said...

Wooow, Lin, this is brilliant!

Thank you for describing the work in process.

Penny said...

I know what you are saying Lin after a disastrous week of lessons, I left everything for a few days as i couldnt get my head around it, now trying to not fiddle and use some washes to clear my head.

Linda said...

Gorgeous! This is lovely and loose and so eloquently descriptive! You DID it!!!

And, since you say you feel like you're working too dry, you might try spritzing your paints with water before you start your drawing, and then again lightly when you're ready to paint. You'll get more consistent pick up that way. (Makes a world of difference!)

Wendee said...

Oh, lovely! Looks like you were in a nice groove ... such a nice fresh quality to this ;)