Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snow at Twlight

Snow at Twlight
Originally uploaded by linfrye
I'm still wishing for snow!!


Teri C said...

Be careful what you wish for :) people in the midwest and northeast may be wishing for weather like yours and mine. A wonderful snow painting!

Tami said...

Hope you get some soon...I like this perspective with the buildings way off in the background and the large tree up close. Nice Job!

Lorraine said...

This is really super -- the details on the tree in the foreground are so nice and the misty look of the buildings and little trees in the background -- what great perspective you've shown. Like a snowy day but just enough light in the foreground to clearly see the tree. I LOVE IT. Great holiday card for next year. Shame on you, wanting snow. LOL We've had some; hope it's the end of it for 2008!

Jeanette said...

Oh I so long for snow too! And your lovely painting made me want it even more! Shame on you :-) Here in the south of Sweden it rains and rains and rains. And if it isn`t raining it`s grey and windy. I never really get used to it and I have lived here all my life. But somehow I remember my childhood winters being snowy....must be global warming eh? I mean it couldn`t just be nostalgia could it?


Lots of love to you my friend!

Anonymous said...

I love the wonderful linear perspective, the very cold feel, and the delicate handling of the scene. You are so good at snowy scenes.