Saturday, January 05, 2008

Tree Practice

tree practice
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Thank you all for your generous comments and suggestions -- I really really do appreciate them and take them to heart ....

And so here's a bit of practice with my #2 rigger -- holding it from closer to the top, using a light touch and a kind of twisty/flick-ish kind of mark-marking.

Though not perfect -- they're closer to real trees and branching and MUCH less stiff .. and I'll continue the practice.

Again, many many thanks for your help!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Lin - These are so cool! As I focus on trees this year I'm going to need to follow your examples. Any advice? I guess first I should buy a rigger brush?

Anonymous said...

What a good idea to just do a page of tree practice. I struggle with trees, leaved or bare, so you've inspired me to just practice trees. I like the way in the previous post you had some soft color behind the branches to indicate blurred smaller branches. Very skillfully done.