Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter Barn Redeaiux

Winter Barn Redeaiux
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I redid this image using some of the suggestions from yesterday's attempt -- a larger brush, a time limit (especially effective since I wanted it completed before I left for out of town! LOL)

I changed the sun to the right hand side, cooled the colors in the trees and snow, and tried to balance the barn on the right with a deeper blue on the empty part of the left hand sky.

I kept a bit of rose in the sky to mirror a bit of the barn color.

Sketching will be the norm for the rest of the week as I get a chance.... I've forgotten just how BUSY a two year old can be!

Hope everyone has a terrific week!!


Anonymous said...

Spectacular! I haven't even looked back at #1 - but it was also lovely. The light in this one is perfect.

Lorraine said...

Well I love it! Especially the redder "Vermont" barn and twin silos. I sent back and looked at the first one and in ways I like it better and in ways I like this better. You never have given us a choice. I can't make up my mind!! I guess that's a sign of a really good painter. Kudos.

Joan said...

I love how you changed the barn and added the silos. This one is a bit brighter, but I love them both.

Tami said...

I really like this one! Love those silos! You did a great job using the pointers from yesterday!

Teri C said...

I love them both. Just call it a different scene :)

Brenda Y said...

Good changes!! I like the darker barn, but also really like the balanced darker sky.

Jona said...

Hello Lin,

saw some of your work on WC forum and I love it.
I like both versions of your Barn painting. The first one reminds me of inpresionistic oil painters, the second one is more 'watery', looking very fresh. Both are beautiful!

Recently I red your whole blog. I must pay you big respect for your perseverance and for the fantastic improvement you did over these few years! You are a great inspiration for all the beginners like myself.

Just started my own blog and I'd like to ask you if I can add a link to your blog to my own one?

Nice greetings, Jona