Saturday, February 07, 2009

Art Blog Award

My sweetest of friends, Laure, (, has generously given me this Art Blog Award, which suggests I share seven things with you. Okey Dokey -- seven:

1. I love black licorice and drink licorice tea when my stomach is upset; it's a fabulous carminative.

2. I met my husband while rollerskating, and our skate coach (who worked with us while we learned to dance-skate -- yes, like ice competitions) was the best man at our wedding.

3. I believe those who have the broadest smiles, the most jovial of laughs, often have been terribly hurt sometime in their lives.

4. Though I love sweets, candy, dessert and cookies of all kinds, I can take a bite or two and leave the rest. And yes, sometimes, it's more difficult than others! LOL

5. I studied botany at The Citadel in Charleston, SC LONG before that school admitted women to it's daytime programs.

6. I still love tramping through the woodlands to see what wonders Nature has created.

7. The worst grade I ever got in a college class was in badmitton and racket-ball -- my puny arms just couldn't get that shuttlecock FAR enough over the net to satisfy my professor! LOL

I am now supposed to pass this along to 7 others ... THIS is ALWAYS the most challenging part since I"m always so curious about my flickr friends, so could 7 of you help me out and tag yourselves for me?! And for those who are curious about the artwork that graces my life every day, please click on 'contacts' above, or see my blog roll.
And thank YOU, Laure!

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