Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Daily Practice

Walking into the greenhouse yesterday was like changing climates and finding spring waiting. On each work table was evidence that spring isn't too far away. Brightening one of the tables was this clematis in full bloom. But taking a look around, I found a fully ripened fig on another table, sprouts of seedlings, houseplants in rich greens, begonias in full bloom, etc., etc.

I took a rare hour away from my desk to stand and sketch this beauty with the hum of fans and scents of flowers surrounding me in the greenhouse.I so hope to get back there today.

Temperatures are going into the mid 70s, and already the crocus are beginning to bloom in each of their beds.I have another late night tonight - a repeat of the soap crafting class we did last week for another 20 participants, so it'll be after 10 pm before I fall into bed.

Still, I hope to at least get to sketch a bit later today.


squawmama said...

Hi Lin... Beautiful painting and I bet you’re so glad that the spring is heading your way soon.... I haven't been on for over a week and missed everyone terribly but when we RV with our group I am such a busy body I am out around 7:30 AM and don’t settle down till 11 PM... Then I am exhausted... LOL LOL you know Happy Hour and all...Thanks so much for visiting me

Hugs & Kisses

Anonymous said...

Oh I so wish I could be there for the soap class. We had such a good time!

Your painting today is just gorgeous. The different shades of the flowers are so lovely and contrast beautifully with the pot and "that thing the vines climb on!" Such nice detail on that and the leaves. We had 70 yesterday but rain today and then in a couple days the cold comes back. Groan and our little Redbud tree had buds on it yesterday!!

Teri C said...

So beautiful and springy!!!

Joan said...

Oh! It's so nice to see "spring." This is lovely...I like the contrast of the flowers and leaves against the white background. You sound like you have such busy days and still you find time to paint. I really admire that!

Teresa said...

Lovely, Lin.... but I can't help but feel a tinge of regret that spring is already creeping into my beloved winter season!

mARTa said...

The promise of spring is in the air and on the blogs! Lovely little painting!

Claudia said...

This is such a beautiful painting, Lin, congratulations! - And the azaleas in the snow - they are splendid! Very nice work!
I'm sorry for not having visited your blog, but I did things like knitting and crocheting and had no time for visiting my friends in the blogosphere...