Friday, February 27, 2009

Down the Shady Lane

Down the Shady Lane
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Daily Practice

Thank you all once more for your kind comments. My eyes are somewhat better, though still quite dry. We're expecting rain this weekend -- and would you believe -- possibly snow on Monday?? Temps today are going to be in the 70s, freezing on Monday .. but I think the moisture from the rain will help my eyes better than any drops. The humidifer helps some, but I think when EVERYTHING is wet and soggy, that should help most of all.

A loose, quick, sketch ...without my lenses, it really is difficult to see those details I love-- certainly helps making the decision easier as to what to keep and what to leave out --! LOL

It's pretty overcast this morning, very restive as the clouds close in before the storms... perfect weather for resting!

Stay well my dear ones!


Teri C said...

A beautiful peaceful scene and those shadows are wonderful!

Teresa said...

Oh Lin, I LOVE this!!! Perhaps you should have two art stores: Lens and Sans Lens? :-) LOL!!

BTW: There's an easy, simple award for you over on my blog when you get a chance to pop in.

Anonymous said...

Wow Lin, even with your blurred vision, the light and the detail on the trees is incredible. And overall, what a gorgeous view through the trees. Winter is hard on our eyes so hopefully spring is really around the corner and your individual healing is even closer!

cathy said...

Well, I certainly like this one, maybe because it's looser than the rest and less detailed? I quite agree with Teresa; these paintings without lenses are definitely worth keeping and exploiting!!!