Saturday, February 28, 2009

Floral Challenge

Floral Challenge
Originally uploaded by linfrye
This month's challenge ( certainly provided not only an incredibly beautiful image -- Thanks Bev and Bill!), but the submissions have been out of this world glorious and truly a bit intimidating.

I wrestled with how to approach the subject - limited in time and vision as I was -- and so decided to use Karlyn Holman's 'path of light' that I learned this November. I worked a bit, rested a lot, worked a bit, rested ... and so it took longer than it might have otherwise. I abstracted the leaves somewhat and tried to keep this complex piece as simple as I could.

Thank you again for your comments --- my eyes are improving. The prescriptive drops don't seem to burn as much as they did when I first began this treatmet, so I'm hoping that's a good sign. I'm slowly making my way through that lecture I've been working on for six weeks - so making progress on THAT has relaxed a bit of the stress I've been feeling. A few more days and I'm thinking I'll be able to wear my lenses again. This blurry world I've been seeing, though soft around the edges, really has me missing details! LOL

Once more, thank you all for your encouragement and caring. You kindness is a cherished blessing.


Anonymous said...

WOW; the shading on the flowers and leaves -- the perfect shape of both -- and the light sources -- all gorgeous. Bravo!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Beautiful absolutely beautiful... such pretty colors. I love the contrasts and the composition. You've out done your self.