Sunday, February 22, 2009

French Window

French Window
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A few weeks ago there was a bit of dicussion here about 'shapes' in watercolor. A bit over a year ago a friend suggested that I look up the chart of watercolor tips by Tom Lynch. I love the results Tom achieves by linking 'shapes' though his 'first colorful wash' .. and though I understood those concepts, I couldn't seem to move past that stage very successfully.

Yesterday I ran across a demo by Allan Kirk ( that seemed to give me whatever it was I was needed to move past my own 'block.'

I altered the demo scene a bit to work on this window using the 'first bright wash' method professed by Lynch and demonstrated a bit more to my understanding by Kirk (mercy, learning can be such a long process sometimes! LOL). I find painting this way a tad counter-intuitive --though
I'm pleased with the results.

As time permits today, I want to try a similiar scene using my more intuitive approach ... just to compare the two.

I think what I am learning over and over again is that there are many approaches to painting - all with results that can be pleasing and fun, and it really comes down to individual likes and dislikes and what works for you. Still, every lesson adds something to the learner -- thus, I think, keeping the entire process fresh and fun.

Have a great Sunday.


Robyn said...

I bet you have an enviable collection of books and DVDs on watercolour, Lin. I'm envious.

I love the warm, sunny atmosphere you achieved with this window whatever the method.

Teresa said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this, Lin!

I agree with your thoughts on painting.... there are so many different approaches and each new thing you learn enriches your own art. Isn't it a fun journey, though? :-)

Mac said...

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