Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Glint of Sunlight

The Glint of Sunlight
Originally uploaded by linfrye
Thank you all for your kind comments and suggestions regarding my eyes.

I did make it to the doctor and in order to get the swelling and inflammation down, I need to rest them more, keep my contact lenses out of my eyes as much as I can, and reduce my computer use. So I may be scarce for a while, but knowing me, it won't be THAT scarce! LOL Thank you once more.

This view was chosen for the challenge of backlighting and trying to show that way the sunlight has of creating a bit of a 'halo' around an object ... interesting fun and even more challenging without contact lenses! LOL

My kitties brought presents yesterday too -- guess they wanted me to know they enjoyed my being home during the week. When I went out to give them their dinner, I found a mole or vole's head AND 6" of snake ... mercy, my life gets more 'intersting' every day! And it's good to know their 'supplementing' their diets. Geez ....


squawmama said...

Good Morning Lin... Glad to hear you had your eyes checked... Don't worry about missing some time... All of us will be here when you’re better... We will miss you though... As for your gifts from the kittens...EWE>>>>> LOL


Teri C said...

They were bringing you sketching material Lin! lol

This is so pretty with that back lighting.

Take care of those eyes!!

Anonymous said...

So so sorry to hear about your eyes. Would glasses instead of contacts help? What an interesting painting. The sunlight is perfect and the tree all across the painting, so interesting! Looks like really don't need those contacts to paint!!!

Ah yes, I remember those "gifts" well. Now I get leaves from the deck and socks from the laundry room. Much better -- and it's only my females that do the hunting!!

Joan said...

Lin - Glad to hear it isn't anything super serious with your eyes! Nice painting of the backlit landscape. As for the "gifts" from the kittens, I hope your contacts were out!lol

Teresa said...

Glad it's nothing that rest won't cure with your eyes. I'm sure your poor eyes do get a rigorous workout with your schedule!

Re: "presents" from the kitties... hmmm.... there are advantages to having housecats I see. However, I do come home to an occasional bedraggled mouse or tree frog "gift". Ick.