Friday, February 13, 2009

The Kitties

The Kitties
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I've been asked how the kittens are doing, and so I've snapped a photo of these now 'cats' romping through the woods. They've grown so fast it seems, and all in all, tend to stick together. The pairs we noticed when they were younger - Boots and Pepper, Spot and Whiskers, Blackie and Target (above) have continued.

We noticed all six of them last weekend 'playing' with something behind the garage. Looking further, we found them with a black snake, and we thought the poor snake was dead. Since it was close to dinner, we fixed plates for the cats, which brought them to the porch.

It turns out, Mr. Black Snake was merely playing possum, and once the cats were around the other end of the house, the snake took off!

We used to have a black snake living under the house -- sure kept the field mice to a minimum. Ah, the benefits of rural living!

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Anonymous said...

Oh thank you for the update. I'm glad all the kitties came out even so they could pair off in twos, ensuring that each has a special playmate! You have such a wonderful environment for them to enjoy.
I just hate keeping mine in but I hate losing them to the busy too-close road too.