Thursday, February 12, 2009

Old Granville Shed

Old Granville Shed
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Daily Practice

There are still some paintings and sketches I haven't posted that were done a few months back -- this shed is one of them. I find it interesting to see how my approach to these subjects is changing over time, though I'm finding lately that that 'moving forward' is a bit more dificult with all else that's swirling around the busyness.

I remember taking the photo of this shed -- I had to scramble through tangles of undergrowth, vines and a ditch to find an angle that was clear enough to see the shed. The hill it was on posed its own challenge. I remember thinking as I painted this that I had to simplify it so that the shed was the focus and NOT all the tangles. Still, remembering all those snarly vines, I'm wondering today if I should have put more of them in there.

We're in for another 70sF day and another day at the computer and reserach table for me. I hope to get out for an hour to enjoy a bit of the warmth before the rain sets in this weekend.


Teresa said...

This is lovely, Lin.... abundance of tangled vines or not!

squawmama said...

What a great painting Lin... I haven't been around for a week or so... Loved all your paintings I missed... Glad to hear it is warmer there...


Joan said...

Beautiful rustic shed!!! I think it looks great this way!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love old weathered buildings and especially barns. I love the way the rusted roof came out too and the boards look truly weathered. I think it is perfectly framed, however, after looking through so many art books, I always find it interesting that many of the great painters painted many many versions of the same scene -- so, great painter, you go girl!!!
Beautiful here today too but only in the 50's. Hugs,

Teri C said...

It so lovely and rustic and I love those tangles.