Sunday, February 01, 2009

Our Walk

Our Walk
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Though in reality, our roadsides are far denser with trees, this pretty much is the walk we take from our house toward the 'main' (actually tertiary) road. It's still pretty green with pines and other evergreens, but there are plenty of fading russets and siennas for interest.

We've been walking this road now for over 15 years, each year noting the changes -- how the trees have grown (heck, we planted many of them! LOL), how every few years we need to regrade, the way the wildlife has come back after each family built on some of its acreage, how more or less traffic travels the road, how each year changes the deer and turkey and fox populations, how few or more children, dogs, cats, and now chickens greet us as we walk.

It's a quiet road, peaceful as we like it, and we pray it remains that way in our often frenetic world.

As my own cats have grown and have begun to roam away from our porch, our birds are returning to the feeders -- a much appreciated sight!

The snow that was originally predicted for Tuesday has changed paths (thusfar), so it looks like mild weather is in store. Our temps are due to be in the 60s today, and though I'll be researching and writing, we'll take this inviting walk today, simply to be outdoors in it!

I hope your day is restive!


Laureline said...

How lovely, Lin. This really conveys visually what you describe with words about your road. The shadows are particularly nice. I was disappointed in the change in forecast---I'd hoped we were going to have more of a winter than we've had here for several years. Oh well, February's just begun ;D.

Jona said...

Hello dear Lin,

most vivid congratulations to mom, dad, you Lin and the grandfather for the miracle of life!!
What a beautiful granddaughter!
Best wishes for a wonderful life to Riley!!!!!!

How are you doing my dear?
I'm so sorry for not being in touch for a while. It was a pretty crazy time... But I thought of you...

As always visiting your blog is an immense pleasure, lots of masterpieces that warm my heart.
I see you've widen your repertoire and went a bit romantic with your style as well.
Love all your paintings.

Big hugs, Jona

Anonymous said...

Oh it's just gorgeous Lin. You've done such a detailed painting and it brings back fond memories. I love the curve and the mixture of the trees. And am so glad your predicted storm has changed paths. Hope ours does!

Teresa said...

This is beautiful, Lin. So fresh and restful. Love the shadows on the road. Lucky you to have such a picturesque walking route!

No snow this Tuesday :-(

But I'm sure warm weather lovers will be happy! :-)

Teri C said...

Oh how wonderful to walk this lovely path everyday!! It looks so peaceful and woody.

Joan said...

What a lovely painting of your path!!! I would walk it every day! I like the touches of color that can still be seen in winter. Enjoy the warm weather. It will be in the low 40s here which is really nice. I'm going to get outside now.