Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rebecca's Salt Shakers

Rebecca's Salt Shakers
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More late night meetings -- little time to paint ...still, I love these 'sexy' salt shakers of Rebecca's .. love their slender, clear form, and thought I could stay awake long enough to paint them!

It's raining today, but things at work should be a bit quieter and less frenetic than the last 2 weeks. We really need the rain as we're already behind our annual precipitation numbers and our new plantings have gotten mighty thirsty!

Hope YOUR day is sunshiney!!


Teri C said...

Boy, all those reflections are perfect!!!

squawmama said...

Hi Lin... Yes it is a Sunshinny day here today but I hear rain is in our forcast... Love the little SEXY Salt & Pepper shakers... CUTE! Glad things will be slowing down for you soon... Hope you get some well deserved rest.


Joan said...

Elegant looking S&P shakers. Nice job on the reflections.

Anonymous said...

Just perfect -- love the shape and the reflections. Really, better than an art photo.
Rainy here too; cold and rainy. Glad you are getting a bit of a break.

Teresa said...

Great job, Lin.. these are beautiful!

Carole said...

These are fantastic! Transparent things are so difficult to do, and these are beautiful. I love the soft shadows too behind them. Well done Lin!