Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rebeccas Barn in the Snow

Rebeccas Barn in the Snow
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Temperatures are back to mid-20s and there's frost on the car once again. This scene is from the snow we had last week -- the view is of Rebecca's red barn ...

Work is mighty intense and busy. I'll probably be scarce for a while ....

Stay warm!


squawmama said...

Barn in snow... How lovely. Sometimes I wish for a light dusting of snow... Hope your day goes GREAT!!!


Teri C said...

A gorgeous landscape Lin. It looks so cold and yet peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Oh it reminds me so of Vermont -- the red barn -- perfect in the snow scene. Your snow is also just right! What a beautiful scene altogether! We also have snow headed our way this week again. Ah February!!

Joan said...

Beautiful snowy scene!!!! Where are the spring temps???

Spinneretta said...

I am amazed that you can make snow look so good when I am ready for spring ;)
I am sure you have already been given this, but because I love your art AND your blog, I have given you the "I love your art blog" award. You can get the icon at my blog- no pressure to participate :)

Teresa said...

Another snow painting! Woo Hoo!!!

'S wonderful.... 'S marvelous!