Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sheep in a Snowstorm - Another Challenge

Bill ( issed another challenge - this one, sheep in a snowstorm. With temps yesterday in the mid 60sF, I thought it was finally warm enough to enjoy snow! LOL Somehow when I'm cold, I need to paint something warm ... and vice versa ...

Anyway, here you go, Bill - my interpretation of sheep in the snowstorm.
Watercolor, ink, 9" x 12" 140#cp Arches

Thank you all too for your birthday wishes for Charles. We had a quiet, terrific day, including a long walk in the warm weather.

Funny thing happened that is just too humorous not to share. We were doing a bit of shopping and as we were loading the car, one of the many gulls that seem to frequent the shopping area dropped a 'splat' on poor Charles' head. What made this funnier to us -- do you remember the scene in "Under the Tuscan Sun" when the heroine is negotiating for the house in Tuscany and a bird does the EXACT same thing, and the owner of the villa declares that it's a 'sign' and she sells the house to her? Well, we're wondering if this means I should buy a house during my trip to Italy in May ... whatcha think???? LOLOL

Anyway, seems an omen for good luck or a good shampoo ...


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh gosh, definitely buy the house. You seem to enjoy Italy so.

I love this painting. I can feel the wind and the snow coming down. I have seen this very scene at my friends farm. You did a great job.

Teri C said...

Great job on this scene, it does look so cold and snowy.

hey, gotta go with the signs lol

Lisa M Griffin said...

What a lovely piece and composition. Thanks for sharing.

Joan said...

Lin - If you buy a house in Italy make sure you've got lots of room for guests...hint, hint!

This painting came out super!!! You really nailed the blizzardy look and didn't lose the sheep in the snow.

I was at the arboretum earlier today...65 degrees and sunny. Nice except there were huge puddles and ice everywhere...very messy! I went to take more flower photos for my exchange. I was hoping that at least there they would have all the flowers identifies, but not so! There was an entire greenhouse with blooming camillas.

Anonymous said...

Oh this one is wonderful!! I just love snow paintings and the sheep are just perfect!!! So glad you had this challenge and shared it with us.

Oh poor Charles. No Lin, I don't think it means you should buy a house in Italy, I think it means you must take up residence in that parking lot!!!

Hugs and laughs,