Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Barn Over the Fence

Barn Over the Fence
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Daily Practice

This was done a few weeks ago --- it's a view that we often see when we walk down our road. In order to even see the top of this house, we have to find a way over the ditch, and lean, carefully, over the electric fence and between all the trees and vines. But I love walking past there and seeing how the pasture changes colors through the seasons. I often hear the cows serenading one another, though they're not often in view.

Got in very very late last night after an intense, too-busy day. But the workshop went incredibly well, with folks attending from almost 2 hours away! We'll host another one in late summer -- after our obligations for this year are met. It was a lot of fun -- but that long drive home -- whew!

The snow was almost gone from my work city, but here at home, my poor bent trees are still frozen to the ground by iced-over snow, and my beloved ornamental grasses look like ice sculptures. We're supposed to warm up enough to begin melting the last of the snow today ... but I fear I've lost some of those poor trees ... I don't think they'll ever regain their posture.

Stay warm!


Teri C said...

A beautiful pastoral scene Lin! Just so peaceful and idyllic

Linda said...

Lin, this is absolutely fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Oh this whole seen is so wonderful Lin but I especially love the trees in the foreground. I still can't decide if your forte is flowers or still life paintings or landscapes -- you do so well at all three!

Ah, the ice. We lost very little and our trees managed to get upright once more so I'm hoping yours will too.
Rest up dear friend.

cathy said...

Oh my!!!!! This is gorgeous! I've just discovered your blog, and I love what I'm finding here!