Thursday, March 05, 2009

Beartooth Mountains Challenge

Bill has posted another 'challenging' challenge ( - a view through Beartooth Mountains. I visited this pass quite a number of years ago, and remember the steep curves, deep drops, snow, freezing temperatures and the wee outhouse on the top of the mountain. Braving winds, ice and cold temperatures to USE the facility was not something for the faint of heart.

There are mountains in North Carolina - folks from Colorado call them 'hills', but our Smokey Mountains are beautiful -however, they are a five hour drive west for me mountain views aren't something I paint often.

Still, the charm of this photo to me was the bank of clouds covering the mountains. In rendering my version, I wanted to emphasize the sky even more. I dropped the horizon and mountain line, added bits of pink and yellow for warmth, and brightened the scene with more of the late fall colors.

I found painting this challenging with all the variation in textures and trying to keep it somewhat simple. It was fun, and I may want to try it again to see if I could pull off a different mood.

It's 'doctor' day at our house. Two of the kitties have appointments for spaying, and I return to the eye doctor to see if I can wear my lenses again. It sure gets old bumping into things! LOL

Temps are rising, the snow is about gone, though bits and pieces still linger in my woods. And I cannot believe we turn the clocks FORWARD this weekend! Mercy, before we know it we'll be singing Christmas carols! LOL


Teri C said...

This is just gorgeous Lin!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! The road receding into the distance is perfect! I too have driven through the gorgeous Smokies; they vie for beauty with my Vermont Verde Mont (Green Mountains) -- very different scenes but both gorgeous. And yes, Colorado people laugh at the Green "Mountains" for skiing. However, I've been to the Rockies and I think they are too stark compared to my favorite Green Green Green mountains, especially in the fall!! It's all about what you're used to/grew up with.
Good luck with your eyes and the kitties and may all your trees rise up tall again.

Karen Gladys Henry said...

Gorgeous work, Lin! Thanks for the reminder about the clocks ugh!