Saturday, March 07, 2009

Birthday Camellias for my Dearest Daughter!

Happiest of Birthdays, sweetheart! May this be a wonderful one for you -- and I hope that 'the girls' give you an opportunity to get a few hours of much needed sleep!! LOL

It was a glorious day yesterday, warm and bright ....I got my chores done early so I could paint outdoors. But Ms. Muse must have thought she had spent enough time with me this week, and so she fled elsewhere -- I hope she was at least sitting on YOUR shoulder! LOL

Determined to paint something I wasn't ashamed of before heading to bed, I worked on these flowers for my daughter's birthday.

I worked again from the 'first colorful wash method" explained so well by Allan Kirk ( (This is the same method I followed for the French Door.) He's offering some wonderful instructional PDF files ...(no I don't get a commission -- I'm just a happy customer! LOL)
What I love about this method is the way that first wash harmonizes the painting, giving bits of color to items that I wouldn't be tempted to do by simply 'painting the flower' method. There's a bit of negative painting here as well, and I do love to see how painting 'around an object' makes that item POP .. fun.

Today we're off to drive a few hours to see "River Dance" .. a Christmas gift for C and I from our children. As much as I love all things Italian, that Irish music and dance sets my feet tapping and my soul soaring. I've loved River Dance ever since I saw it years ago -- and to have the chance to see it 'live' is a fabulous gift. Since the performance is quite a drive for us, I'll have to catch up on everyone's wonderful work tomorrow.

It promises to be another warm and sunny day ... so I hope you have a chance to get out and play!

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Teri C said...

Beautiful flowers and so special when it is for a loved one. I know she loves it!