Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blue Flowers and Fields - Sketching at 60

MILES PER HOUR -- that is ....

I've been trialling the mini-kit I put together to see how this might work during my plane trip as well as plein air opportunities. I'll have a chance to take a photo later tonight. Right now, I'm pretty pleased with it.

I sketched and painted this while driving to the mountains -- it's based partly on a photo reference, partly from what we could see in the fog and rain, and I've added an enormous amount of artist's licence to make the day sunnny!! LOL

It looked like the rain 'might' be clearing late last night. But we've had steady rain -and fortunately, warm temps. We kept the grands last night -- they were incredibly good. They're still asleep so I've only a few moments. While my daughter fed Riley yesterday afteernoon, we took Taylor to a museum featuring 'Health" and there were lots of opportunities for her to slide, and roll, and shop and play. Fun! We brought both girls to our motel last night for some arts and crafts and a sleep over. Riley ate on schedule, awakening only once at 2:45 am for a bottle ... I am so pleased at how well they've both done.

We head home later this morning ...hope your Sunday is terrific!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Lin -- love the tree and the blue flowers best but it's all really nice. So glad you were able to make use of the travel time to paint!
The rain came through last night and today it's in the 30's again. Brrr!
Have a safe trip home.

The Happy Painter said...

This is GORGEOUS!!!!! Lovely colors and so well executed. But it is not showing up on flickr .. or I am not functioning technologically today. Have a safe drive.

Robyn said...

I can see you're getting ready to paint Tuscan wildflowers, Lin.

For a moment I thought the title of this painting was because you'd had a landmark birthday - then I realised it's probably about the speed you were doing :)

Joan said...

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun! I admire anyone who can paint in a moving car!!! Artistic license or not, this is lovely!!! I'd like to see what your setup was to paint in the car. I'm always adapting my plein air gear. Hope the sun came out a bit...we have rain!

Teri C said...

Good work on trying the traveling stuff. I usually have a problem in the car because of the bumping. Such a pretty scene.