Monday, March 02, 2009

Cardinal in Snow

Cardinal in Snow
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We had SNOW!!!

It's a wet, heavy snow, with the rain underneath a sheet of ice. Schools where I live are closed since we have about 4" of the white stuff -- and yet, where I work, the school has only a 2 hour delay and little snow. While it's in the low 30sF today, by Saturday, we're expecting temps in the 70s!! Mercy, A season's weather variation in a week!

This painting was done last snowstorm -- but I thought it was too fitting to not post today!

From my window I can see so many of our trees bent over in this snow. The kitties stayed warm in the garage with their heater, and it's a wintry wonderland before me. It'll be gone by Wednesday and we may not see any more snow this year ... but I so enjoy seeing it during those infrequent times it turns our world white.

Stay warm and safe everyone! This same storm is causing a lot of accidents and even heavier snowfalls up north!


Anonymous said...

Oh it' so lovely even if it is a former one, it's good to see it again -- and it all looks so familiar! We also had ice, then snow (just a bit) and now it's all gone but the bitter weather remains until the weekend when it will be in the 60's.
Be safe and have a good week.

Karen's Sketchbook said...

Lyn this is gorgeous. Wouldn't this make beautiful cards. I love how vibrant the cardinal looks against the snow. so lovely. We had fifteen inches, I want it to be Spring.

Teri C said...

It is just gorgeous and yes, perfect for the snowstorm. I always have to chuckle over school closing for 4 inces. In Wisconsin, it takes a foot or more to close. lol