Wednesday, March 18, 2009


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Daily Practice

Driving in to work on Mondy as well as this morning, the change from rain and cold to the predicted warm up and sunshine created a mighty dense fog. I decided to use these experiences and practice 'foggyness' again....

We're due for some sun, and I know there's a lot of us anxiously awaiting its return. We've standing water in the woodlands and around the school, and the dampness sure produces its share of joint aches ...

I'm coordinating our local Arts Council's first plein air paint-out tomorrow, so after a few minutes at the office, I'll be out all day. We're hoping the sun and warmer temps work with us as we gather local artists to paint together for the first time.

Meanwhile, it's a meeting-filled day ..

Hope the sun is shining where you are!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Lin. I love the misty look and your background trees really do look like they are in an eerie morning fog. Bill was showing me a painting of a tree much like this on Sunday.
Very nice composition. Your outing sounds terrific; have a great time.

Teri C said...

Definitely foggy and beautifully foggy!!

Anonymous said...

you've captured the fog beautifully Lin...looks like early morning, before the sun bursts through. I'm happy to say, we've had BEAUTIFUL!!! sunny weather and blue skies for the past week and still going!I am almost NEVER inside!

Teresa said...

Lovely, Lin! Looks very peaceful and early morning-ish!

Good Luck on your plein air adventure... I'm sure you'll do a great job... hope you have fun too!

Joan said...

You captured the misty fog really well!!!!!!! Hope the outing was fun. I'm about a day behind commenting.