Saturday, March 21, 2009

Harbour Challenge

Harbour Challenge
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Another challenge from Bill ( and this one completely out of my arena. Even though I lived in Charleston, SC for 25 years and grew up on the water, I was raised to be mighty wary of boats and the ocean -- and so I've been an advocate of 'terra firma' all my life ... Familiarity with harbors, boats, masts and the like is pretty foreign to me. The photo presented additional challenges ... composition especially, as well as elements of water, depth, architecture ... pretty complex. I have to be honest and say that I truly devoted a good amount of time just thinking about this image and how I could best portray it in my own terms.

I simplified the scene immensely ...had my dear husband help me with the perspective (still a challenge), and used quite a bit of artistic license to move boats around. I wanted some verticality so I added a sailboat from another image. I also wanted to focus just a bit more on that blue boat with the red stripe. I loved the yellow house so I wanted a bit more of that and the red building. I remembered some 'posts' from the Charleston harbor and so added those to an area of the painting that I thought needed something else. Lastly, I added a bit of humor since the white boat looked so 'naked.'

This was done on Arches #140cp, 9" x 12" -- a bit small for the scene I think .. but with the challenges I had -- large enough! LOL

I had a bit of trouble with the water, so if I'm going to be visiting Venice in May, I'd better spend some time practicing both boats AND water !!! LOL Truly this was a really good practice for that trip .... so THANk YOU once again, Bill ... for the stretch!


Sandy Maudlin said...

This is great practice for Venice...where there's a painting every blink of the eye. Have aownderful trip and try to stay for several days there.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Wow, you are an always up for a challenge aren't you? Great ambition ... Your trip sounds wonderful and I'm sure you'll get lots of practice of boats, water and architecture there. Have fun and a most of all enjoy yourself.

Teri C said...

You met this challenge headon and beautifully. Looks great. Gee, Venice is coming soon!!

Joan said...

I'm laughing that you "simplified" this and then kept adding in things that you wanted. You know how challenging I find any marine scenes since I'm so unfamiliar with anything that is found on a boat. You did a great job on this!!! I think you did well with the boats and the architecture of the buildings in the harbor. Bravo for stepping out of your comfort zone for this!!

Michelle Himes said...

For someone who doesn't do boats, you did a great job. It reminds me of many scenes that I have attempted to paint in Maine. I too seem to have problems with boats and need more practice. Have fun in Venice!

Anonymous said...

I am am wary of the water, even though I grew up on Lake Champlain and Lake Eden! But Lin, WOW, you did a terrific job. I love all the colors and before I read your description I was very taken with all the detail!!! I loved your USS LIN too! I would say you met this challenge head on and very successfully. You seem to have no problem getting out of your comfort zone. Perspective is very difficult for me but it looks like you have it down pat! Great job dear friend.