Sunday, March 01, 2009

Orange Poppies and Marsh

Orange Poppies and Marsh
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Daily Practice

Thank you all for your most kind comments yesterday. These challenges are fun and are certainly an opportunity to learn and to stretch a bit! I'm looking forward to the next one!

Meantime, a bit more relaxed and playful painting (grin!). I love red poppies, and our highway department plants them each year in their beautification of our roadways. But the orange poppies, too, are charming in their sunshiney way, and so I thought I'd paint the orange ones, especially cheerful on a weekend filled with rain.

While tree buds are popping, daffodills and crocuses are blooming, we're in store for a bit of snow tonight. It'll be short-lived as most of our snows are, but it may be nice to have 'just one more' dusting of the white stuff before spring swiftly moves in our hot summers.

Have a great Sunday!


squawmama said...

Good Morning Lin... Loved the flowers this morning... Very cheerie... Hope your eyes are doing better... Have a great day


Robyn said...

flickr won't let me see the big picture at the moment but I'm captivated by both these recent flower paintings, Lin. Brava, brava.

So sorry to hear about your eye problems. I've been thinking I should have mine looked at too. I think I'm allergic to turps - a bit of a problem in a print studio :(

Anonymous said...

Lovely, as are all your flowers. And I especially like what you've done with the background and area surrounding the side of the poppies.

I hope your eyes are 100% before you even think about going back to work.

Carole said...

These are beautiful, Lin! I love orange poppies. I like the way these burst out of a corner of your painting, with the soft tones behind them making the orange colours glow.

I like your floral challenge piece too. What a talented lady you are!

Look after those eyes of yours.