Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Blooming Peach Tree

Our Blooming Peach Tree
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Plein Air

Our Peach Tree - young and already looking gnarly... We found an old, dried up peach from last year still clinging to one branch ..

The weather yesterday was too beautiful to stay indoors -- warm, sunshiney -- so I just HAD to sit in the spring weather for just a bit of time.

Despite the dips we've had in temperature, our forsythia continues to bloom, as does our peach trees, flowering quince, and even our saucer magnolia. The red/green leaves of the crab apple are emerging, and there's new growth in the ornamental grasses and perennials herbs. In our walk around the neighborhood yesterday, we saw daffodils in the middle of now-woodlands - evidence of former dwellings and how the land and its use has changed over time.

I'm still coughing and congested -- seems there's a lot of that going around ... stay well! And have a great Monday


Joan said...

Beautiful job on the peach tree!!! I'm jealous that things are flowering there. Here everything is still so bare. I thought about going out to paint yesterday, but nothing looks good right now. I'm working on two flower pours at the moment. They are challenging me, but they were doing pours for March on WetCanvas and I decided to give it another try. Hope to work on them a bit today too.

Teri C said...

There is just something wonderful about a blooming spring tree!!

Hugs to feel better.

Anonymous said...

Things are "bursting out all over" here too. Your tree is so lovely -- says "Spring" loud and clear. I never was a "pink" person except in the spring. I love all the pink shades on blooming spring trees. Your tree reminds me of an old lady who gets gussied up for the Easter parade!!