Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rebeccas Side Yard

Rebeccas Side Yard
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Daily Practice

After spending so many hour indoors this weekend with the rain and yesterday in preparation for today, when I got to the B&B, I sat in the car and sketched the view from my window of Rebecca's side yard. Flowers were in bloom, and the entire scene was welcoming and so springy!

In a few hours, we'll be filled with Arboretum guests and I suppose we are as prepared as we can be. A few more final 'touches' this morning, and it's TIME!

Thank you for your wishes of luck! We'll need it!

It'll be late tonight before I return to the computer -- I hope your day goes well, too!


Teresa said...

This is so fresh and spring-y! If there was an award for productivity you'd be a strong contender!

Anonymous said...

So soft and lovely. I'm sure Rebecca loved it too! Good luck today and pace yourself as much as you can.

Joan said...

Looks like spring!!!!! Lovely color. Hope the day goes well!!

Teri C said...

So springy and beautiful!! I know your day will go well! Enjoy.