Saturday, March 28, 2009


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This is the view we saw while driving to and from work, to the mountains, and this will greet us again when we get home. The redbuds are brightening our woodlands with their pink/magenta...beautiful time!

Oh how Riley has grown!! We met the 'girls' at their hotel and all went to dinner. Today, we spent the day and evening with them in our motel while we give my daughter and her husband the first 'free' night they've had since January. They have a special dinner to go to as well ... Since Riley eats every 3 hours and Taylor is a bundle of 3 year old energy, there won't be much sleep in our immediate future ... but my camera is ready, and we'll have a fun time bonding and playing.

It's warm outdoors, but still rainy. Spring has come to the mountains .. and despite the grey -- those pinks and chartruses are brightening the world!


Anonymous said...

What a soft, colorful, lovely spring painting. I needed that and you came through!! It's been rainy here for days with more to follow. Sigh, there's spring and then there's Spring! Enjoy your weekend with the family.

Joan said...

GORGEOUS!!! Your color and composition in this are great, Lin! I love the road leading into the burst of color. It has warmed up a bit here, but we have rain today, and no color anywhere yet. Enjoy your time with your family. I hope you'll have some good photos to show.

Bonny said...

Lin, How lovely! The painting is stunning and so cheerful. We had a couple of sunny days, but now we're back to overcast skies and rain.

It's so nice you get time to bond with your grandchildren - both for you snd for them. These are the moments they will remember later on, too. So have fun and... catch up on your sleep back home. LOL!!

Teri C said...

I just LOVE those Redbuds!! Thanks for this beauty!!

Pat said...

Love your paintings. Keep up the great work.

Teresa said...

You've captured this Spring perfectly.... the bright blossoms and fresh greens of spring against the frequently rainy backdrop!