Friday, March 20, 2009

Smithfield Plein Air - #1

Smithfield Plein Air - #1
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Our first Johnston County Arts Council Plein Air went extraordinarily well! Thank you all for your well wishes!

The day couldn't have been more delightful -- a cool morning, sun warming us to the mid 70s ... sunshine, a glorious beaver pond, outbuildings, chickens, French hens, gardens, a beautiful home, vignettes both in front and behind the dwelling, wonderful and eager folks, and the deliciousness of time spent in the early spring outdoors! A gift indeed.

Sixteen artists arrived with sketchpads, oils and watercolors, and each found their 'niche' to memorialize. Some were first-timers, and were surprised at how much they enjoyed the experience. Four or five of those who had registered called to say their plans had changed, but they would make the next event.

Some friends from my 'home' plein air group came -- some as far as 2 1/2 hours away ... gifts upon gifts!

I knew that I'd be busy with coordinating the event, so my attempt to paint was limited to my 7" x 10" sketchbook ... and a good deal of artistic license. I did a LOT of clear-cutting to include only these few trees between my spot on the porch and the beaver pond -- and the forsythia and quince came from another part of the property -- but I suppose that is what painting is all about -- making the scene our own.

It was a most enjoyable day with many ideas for expanding our little group.

We meet next month during the Arboretum's plant sale .. and as coordinator of that event (helping customers, supervising students, helping other exhibitors), I sincerely doubt I'll do much more than have a moment to take photos ... but to see these incredible artists enjoying another gathering -- sheer poetry.

We've weather changes again -- rain and cold today, making yesterday even more special.

Enjoy the day!


Teri C said...

You did a spendid job despite all the coordinating work. It is so lovely.

Anonymous said...

Lovely spring painting. The foreground tree is especially well done -- the shading is supremo!!! What a nice outing - thanks for sharing it with us. I remembered to go out and clip some pussy willows just in time -- some had already burst into bloom! Brrr; cold here again too - 29 this morning but sun!!!

Joan said...

Lin - I like the fact that you edited your view, which is what we should do in plein air! I love the touches of spring in this!! LOVELY work!! Too bad I'm not closer so I could join you.

clare said...

Wondderful, I feel like I can step right into this scene. You have done a glorious piece.