Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snow Sentinels

Snow Sentinels
Originally uploaded by linfrye
The snow yesterday paralized many parts of our state, and the below-average temperatures (in the teens!) have delayed businesses and schools from opening on time this morning as we all wait for a 'warm up' to clear black ice and bridge overpasses.

I return to work today for a full day of catch-up and a late-night workshop. Eyes are somewhat better, though it'll be the first full day of lens wearing, and that alone takes quite a bit of time for my eyes to readjust.

The sketch above is a portion of my yard as viewed from my upstairs window. Just to the right of the trees is my garden shed. I really love how those trees are spaced, seemingly guarding that portion of our homesite.

Stay warm everyone ...!


Laureline said...

Lin, I'm so sorry to read you've been having trouble with your eyes! How very distressing, to say the least. I do hope the drops and the other therapy will take care of the problem, dear woman.

KarenHarveyCox said...

I love how you captured the snow here. I just read Laureline's comment. I am so sorry to hear about your eyes. You will be in my prayers all day. I adore your painting, I always can see such a gentle spirit peeking through your lovely work.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous painting -- the up close trees covered in snow against the snowy obscured background. Another beauty!

Saw the Southern snow storms on the news last night and can feel everyone's pain! It is still bitter cold here but snow is gone. I think EVERYONE is ready for spring.

Try and rest your eyes as much as possible.