Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring in the Trees

Spring in the Trees
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Our skies are that Carolina blue of song and North Carolina legend, and when I look up to the trees stretching to worship that sky, I see that buds have broken their protective scales to form hazy colors of golds, reds, magentas, siennas.

This farmhouse is down the road from me and is currently under renovation. Their hardwoods dwarf the small structure, but with our temperatures on the rise, the soft colors of spring, especially against the ever-present pine green, make the property and house so appealing.

Monday started out as a 'typical' Monday. I had finished packing the car for the week and went to back the car out of the garage. NADA. I mean, NOTHING. Car wouldn't start, and with new technology, the trunk locks and I couldn't even retrieve my week's worth of food. SIGH. An hour and a half later, I was being towed to the dealership to sit for another 2 1/2 hours while they checked the car to find that the auxillary battery had died completely -- but nothing else was wrong. SIGH.

Except this is about the fifth time this battery has failed me -- fortunately before now, NOT when I had to leave for work. Since I just had the car serviced on Friday and merely drove it home and left it unmoved for 3 days, there was no reason for the battery to have failed me. But it did.

They couldn't find anything 'wrong' with the battery (according to their machines); but I couldn't afford another tow bill NOR another lost day at work; so adding to the bill on Friday and the towing, I replaced the dang thing - fearful of being stuck someplace on the side of the road, a long way from home or assistance.

Man, a Monday to be sure.

Still, I got home and worked a few hours from there to make up some time (and work-demands); but I still had a couple of hours of sunlight to myself -- so trying to make lemonade from a day's very sour beginning, I weeded the flower beds, ruined another attempt at plein air (lol), and finally dug into a project I've been procrasting .... so in all, not so bad. Except, of course, when my Visa bill arrives.

Here's hoping the REST of the week goes far more smoothly! lol


Anonymous said...

Oh no, what a day. Methinks that having it serviced and the dead battery have to be connected but I guess I'm just evil!!! You saved your day with the lovely loose painting and I hope it indicates that you were able to relax, despite the Visa bill. I too had a Visa "experience" yesterday and the vet for annuals for two kitties. Into each life a little rain must fall but you had more than your share!
Hope the rest of the week goes better for you. And by the way, your blog writing is always so lyrical and descriptive. I still think you should publish one of those books: short essay with each painting!!
Hugs, Lorraine

Teri C said...

A beautiful peaceful landscape, unlike your Monday! Cars!, a necessary evil.

Joan said...

Lin - I think replacing your battery was a wise move. With all your traveling around, you can't afford to get stuck somewhere else.

I love barn!!! It reminds me of that lovely scenic road you sent me on in Nov. The tall trees are wonderful. I always enjoy seeing your barns and know how attached you are to them. Good work!!

Tami said...

Lin, your paintings are just lovely! All your practice really shows! Love the Venice waterway.