Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring on the Lake

Spring on the Lake
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Daily Practice

Though it's begun a four-day rain session for us, spring is here as evidenced by those chartruse greens that can be witnessed in emerging, new leaves of some of our largest trees and shrubs.

Temps have fallen again, and yet the parade of blooms continue as though to remind us that a brief kiss of cold is merely that -- perhaps to be viewed as a gentle 'goodbye' to winter.

It should be a far quieter weekend than we've had in a while, especially since the rain will keep our activities close to home. The grands come for dinner tomorrow night, and I've a few projects that need completing ... other than that, I'm hoping for a restive time at the painting table.

Hope you can find time to do what you'd like this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Loose and lovely! Indeed it looks just like spring. We are far behind you having received ice and snow last night -- 3" -- and very few blooms or buds yet. It always seems so much colder after a warm spell.

Joan said...

What a lovely hint at what may come soon...great colors!!! I haven't seen any blooming here yet. Have a great weekend. Enjoy the grandkids. How is the new addition...I'm sure the baby is growing by leaps and bounds!

Teresa said...

This is lovely, Lin!

So spring-y and fresh. Love the rich brown earth just waiting to reveal its annual display of spring beauties.

Sandy said...

Just gorgeous, and that sunset is mind boggling - Fabulous effects.

Teri C said...