Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunset on the Island

Sunset on the Island
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I painted this last week, again working on those sunsets and sunrises I so love. I kept the 'island' simplifed so I could highlight the sky.

It's our 'busy' week with close to 75 folks coming for my Southern Garden lecture and Arboretum tour tomorrow; interviews for gardeners the next two days ... Thank heavens the weather promises to be sunny and warm, and my fingers are crossed that folks are satisfied with what they see and hear.

Hope your week is good. I may be a bit scarce with all this going on ...and my fingers are crossed for a bit of a quieter time next week! LOL


Joan said...

Taylor and Riley are adorable!!! How great that you got to spend time with them. Your sunset is lovely. I love the softness of where the island meets the sky. Well done!! Hope tomorrow goes well. Knowing you, you will find time to blog anyway!!

Sandy said...

Pure MAGIC!!

Teri C said...

Just STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OH LIN -- this is so so beautiful, extraordinarily so. You must put this one on next year's calendar for sure. I love the colors and love love love the entire painting. Incredible!!!

Teresa said...

This is wondeful Lin! Such vivid, lush colors.... WOW!!

Good luck on the lecture... I'm sure you'll "wow" em!