Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sunset Over Oxford

Sunset Over Oxford
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This was our view the other evening as Charles and I took our walk around our neighborhood. Buzzards and hawks were circling overhead, the sun was setting over the neighbor's woodlands, and the sky was filled with rich yellows, golds and oranges. I had enough time last evening at the B&B to finally paint it.

Our temps will fall this evening, causing a bit of a slow down to the rampant blooming we're experiencing ... from Bradford pears, maples, oaks to daffodils and crocus and tulips .... I won't see anything like this flower exuberance for a couple of weeks in Oxford - but spring is definitely on its way.

Working south and living north, I'm reminded of Edwin Way Teale's book "North With the Spring" ... for that title describes exacting my weekly commutes ...along with the way the seaon progresses for me.

I hope you have a great day!


Teresa said...

Lin!! You've reached a new height with this one! It's simply gorgeous... makes me want to sit on a wooden bench with some peach ice tea and just watch the sun set.

Anonymous said...

How glorious -- I love sunsets and yours is especially spectacular! What a beautiful painting to start my day too since I almost always miss the sunrise LOL. You have really learned how to make your colors glow!
Hugs from wintry KY,

Joan said...

This is GORGEOUS!!! I love the yellow of the sky...wish I was there watching it. Lin, do you print out all your photos that you use for paintings, or do you paint from an image of them on your computer? Someone in our workshop worked that way and I thought it was an interesting idea.

Teri C said...

It's gorgeous!!!!