Friday, July 17, 2009

Basket of Hydrangeas

Basket of Hydrangeas
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Daily Pactice

This sketch is from a few weeks ago - done in the car as we drove to South Carolina to visit my daughter.

I needed to get away from pears for a day or so -- after working on them all week, I kept repeating my processes out of habit instead of working through a different style. I thought by changing focus for a while, I could return to the pears and various techniques with a fresher eye!

We had a huge storm at work yesterday - lightning struck a couple of trees and it rained very heavily -- but all is well. At home, we are dry as dust and hoping for a bit of rain today. I'll have to begin watering the plants this morning - perhaps I can tempt the clouds to help me! LOL


caseytoussaint said...

Beautiful, Lin! One of my favorite flowers.
We've been having some stormy weather as well - I have to admit I like it. It must correspond to some stormy side of my personality.

Joan said...

Lin - I love the texture to the basket and the hydrangeas themselves. They are so hard to paint. Lovely colors to this! Hope you get some needed rain! That's our forecast for tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful; so soft and dreamy! And especially against the background and with the more defined basket. Bravo!

Try washing your car and leaving it outside -- sure to make it rain!

Teri C said...

Oh Lin,what a wowzer this one is. Just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

Krista Meister said...

Beautiful as always, Lin! By the way, there is a blog award over at my blog with your name on it! Please stop by!