Saturday, July 04, 2009

Blueberries with Stems - HAPPY JULY 4!!

Daily Practice


As the US celebrates its independence today, flags of red, white and blue abound. In the markets, it's watermelons blueberries and sweet corn that have taken up those colors in celebration of the summer.

Our blueberry shrubs both at my home and at the Arboretum, have been yielding these sweet orbs for several weeks now. We've been eating them out of hand, over cereal, in salads, and last night I made an ice box cake with graham crackers, vanilla pudding, pecans, bananas and blueberries for dessert today -- yum.

I wanted to play with a few watercolor techniques I've been studying from Janet Rogers (Expressive Watercolors) and Wendy Jelbert, and so these three sketches came about. My husband likes the semi-abstract best, I tend to prefer my berries grounded by stems!

In any case, I hope you have a most wonderful holiday today as we also remember all the lives that are contuinually being given for the blessing we know as FREEDOM!



Anonymous said...

What an extraordinarily gorgeous painting. You can do so many styles so well. I love this one Lin -- the colors, the softness, the way it all works together. Just beautiful. We too have been enjoying all the berries of the season but alas ours are not home grown but oh so delicious. Thank you for this wonderful painting and tribute to our troops.

Teri C said...

Wow Lin, you have achieved fantastic depth in this! Beautiful.

Happy 4th.

Joan said...

All three versions of the blueberries came out great!!! I like the softness of the berries and the backgrounds.

Hope your 4th was great!!!