Friday, July 17, 2009

Charles - Will the Circle Be Unbroken

After umpteen tries, a great deal of patience, and the good grace of today, I've finally been able to upload one of my dear husband's jam sessions.

This Sunday Jam took place last week - Charles is singing lead (playing mandolin); to our left is Don (a wonderful artist as well as playing guitar); Harvey (playing dobro); Amy (my plein air friend and playing guitar), and Joe is playing mandolin.

I hope to upload more .. forgive the shaky quality ... this was my first taping using the FLIP video ....


Connie said...

Did you do this with your new Flip? You did a really great job and I can't wait to see more. I love it when C comes to the paint outs and plays for us. Soon?

Brenda Yarborough said...

Fantastic jam!! I was wondering what the "jobro" was, so glad you described each person and their instrument. It doesn't take long to master taping on the Flip -- we LOVE ours. (I carry it in my purse all the time!)

Joan said...

Lin - This is wonderful!!! The video and the audio were great. What did you use to tape it? It really came out well.

Anonymous said...

Terrific! It is so good to see and hear Charles again. The group sounded great and your movie making was perfect. Love it. Thanks so much and hug Charles for me.

Dorothy said...

Oh Lin, what fun to hear your DH's jam session! WONDERFUL!!!!!!!
Your Flip worked great!!!! I'm going to have to check into getting one! Thanks for posting this!


Allan and Lesley said...

This is fantastic. Who needs an iPod when you have the real thing in your living room? I don't think the French have discovered Bluegrass yet, (they love Irish and Country) but I'm sure they'd love it.
I'm glad you recommended the Flip to us. The quality is superb.