Monday, July 13, 2009

Dicentra - a Wetcanvas Challenge

Daily Practice

Thank you for your kind comments ...! And wishes of rest ... I did finally slow down yesterday - LOL - and was certainly glad I had spent Saturday at chores. Yesterday's temperatures were in the 80s, but the intermittent showers that came ever 4 hours or so made the day steamy and oppressive ...

I sat outdoors for a while after watering the plants and sketched a bit - I wasn't really pleased with the results - but it was good to simply sit outside and give it a go.
C's jam went well and the music and people, laughter and yes, desserts! was fun.

Because I want to be able to paint all types of styles and expressiveness, I decided to take this Wet Canvas challenge a bit more like my 'typical' style with less splash and more detail. I have to say that while I enjoyed painting it, I finished it feeling like something was missing! LOL

I find the process of trying new things enjoyable, while also frustrating when the painting doesn't quite match the image I have in my head. Still, I do believe that with each attempt at something different, one adds to one's 'style' and way of doing things. 'Growth' can sometimes be a dance - two steps forward, two steps back - but oh -- the movement!

Off to work again -- hi ho, hi ho ...! Have a great day!


squawmama said...

Love this picture... It is so peaceful.


Teri C said...

This is beautiful Lin. The colors are so vibrant and wonderful.

Joan said...

I love the soft background that brings out the vibrancy of the flowers!!! Lovely job on this!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting Lin. I love the colors and the style. It is so much fun to watch you trying new things and having such success with them. Have a good week.