Monday, July 06, 2009

Glad Glads

Glad Glads
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Daily Journal
Loose Practice after Janet Rogers

As I write this, the rain we have been hoping for is finally falling and I can just hear those thirsty plants sighing (and slurping!)!

This sketch, modeled after techniques from Janet Rogers, is a cluster of gladiolas I plucked from my garden and dressed with some flowering lemon balm. Normally, I simply dry my lemon balm for use as tea, flavorings and the like - but I really liked how the light blue/green leaves worked against the pink flowers (though this may not be very clear in this rendition! LOL). I just had to add a bit of ink to define - just a bit - some of the flower parts!

We also finished drying our peaches and rendering all the vegetables. I DO LOVE those kinds of tasks - all of them remind me of the agrarian roots and lifestyle I prefer. But reality for me means that I head to work this morning to grow an Arboretum and horticulture students instead of harvesting vegetables!

Hope your 4th was terrific! And this week is wonderful as well!


Joan said...

Lin - This is GORGEOUS!!! I love the soft colors against the dark glads!!! I wish I had a garden where I could pick a collection like that!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love love love this one. The colors and the looseness as you say. PERFECT!
Have a good week and glad the rain went your way. We are now back into sun and summer!