Thursday, July 30, 2009

Italian Arched Doorway with Flowers

Daily Practice

I came home early this week; my eyes are bothering me again, and my doctor suggested I keep my contact lenses out for a while. Plus, this is the last week before registration and a new semester, and probably one of the last days of summer scheduling that won't be over-the-top intense -- so I thought I could afford another day of real leisure! LOL

I was going through some of my journals last night and found a number of paintings I never posted. This is one of them, painted from a photo taken in Italy ... another of those incredible doorways, and always flowers.

I've been working toward a looser approach, and so posting this now, I can, at least in my mind's eye, see how I might approach it a bit differently. I haven't found that 'ease' that comes when one makes a new approach one's own--accomplished without so much thought or 'attempting.' So I'll probably paint this again as I try to make new lessons and new ideas 'my own.'

Thank you again for your most incredible support ....I am humbled, truly, by your kindness.

Today I'm off to one of our wonderful botanical gardens to paint with a friend ... I'm ever grateful to have a day of leisure before the stress of fall semester begins, to share that with a friend, and to be in gardens I love ...

I hope you too have a chance to have a bit of leisure ...


Joan said...

LOVELY!!! I think the Italian doorways and windows have so much character, and you do them so well. I sketched out a Venice scene to work on in the evenings this week if I don't get lazy...I think I've got gondolas on the brain.

Anonymous said...

Ah, another gorgeous door!! I am amazed at how real the texture looks on the walls. You did an incredible job on this Lin. I hope your eyes get better (but not too soon LOL). Enjoy your extra day of rest and relaxation and I'm so glad you get to paint!

Penny said...

Lin I havent been by for ages but heavens you are doing some lovely stuff, Nice to catch your blog again.