Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Garden Tomatoes

My Garden Tomatoes
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Daily Practice

My garden tomatoes are finally ripening enough to gather! I'm growing four varieties - an Italian plum, Marglobe, Better Boy (my husband's favorite) and these, an Italian hybrid that, though not shaped like the grapes they were supposed to, are more like an enormous cherry tomato - and just on the cusp between the acidic I love and that wonderful sweetness that tomatoes have -- YUMM! I can't wait to get home to gather more - and turn them into one of my favorite, easy to cook recipes that uses fresh tomatoes, a few dried tomatoes, somebit of all the squash that is being harvested, olive oil, butter, onions and basil and served over spaghetti -- WOWZA! My mouth is watering already! LOL I snapped a few photos of my tomatoes before I left for the week and painted these at Rebecca's last night.

I have been graced by two of my Flickr friends with the "Stroke of the Brush Award." THANK YOU to Krista ( and Claire ( for the award! I am to tell seven things about me you probably don't know. Mercy, after all I write here about myself, I'm having difficulty thinking of seven things I haven't ever mentioned! LOL Oh well, here goes:

* I can't sing a note - though I've tried, and I'm mighty spirited, I can't carry a tune in the shower .. sigh

* I love walking and prefer walking to driving

* I don't mind spiders or snakes - I just don't like when they surprise me

* I'm still wearing clothes that I purchased over 15 years ago ....I HATE SHOPPING!

* I love books of all types

* I've been creating my own soap for over 5 years and my family has used no other since I began making it.

* If I had my druthers, I'd love to travel far more than I do, even though I really love being home.

Now, as the rules go I am to pass this along to 7 others - but I truly have a hard time with this -- so, please, if you are so inclined and read this - I consider you a friend and worthy of this most generous gift .... and please, pass it on too!

I'm off for the day to coordinate my Art Council's plein air event. We're going to a Tobacco Farm Life Museum -- lots of architecture and shade trees for the heat that is supposed to come this afternoon.

OH! I'd also like to invite you to send a ecard from the Arboretum!!! It's a new feature on our webpage and uses some of the flowers we have growing here --

I hope you enjoy it -- and the day!


Connie said...


You forgot to mention that the reason you are wearing 15 year old clothes is because you are THE SAME TINY SIZE! I bet you could wear your high school clothes if you had them!

The tomatoe painting is amazing! I can almost smell that special smell that only a tomatoe has when you pull it off the vine!

Joan said...

Lin - Your tomato painting and the description of their taste are making me soooooo hungry. The painting is lovely!!!!

Fun facts about you. You make soap too? You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful and more beautiful. Love the oranges against the greens and all the detail on the leaves. Oh me, clothes from 15 years ago -- if only!!!

Sandy said...

Oh Lin, what a beautiful tumble of tomatoes, the vine work is right on and those are darn good looking tomatoes!

Lori Bowling said...

Just found your site, love it.

Claire M said...

This painting of your tomatoes is so 'right on'. I'm amazed at what you've captured and all the color variations that look so real. When my tomato plants were starting this year I sketched one or two limbs -- just green stems, leaves, and a couple yellow blossoms... and even at the time I wondered how I could ever do justice to a full blown and blooming plant. You've done what I figured couldn't be done.... great job!

Patti G. said...

Sweet Lin,
Your tomatoes look great! I feel like I am looking right into your garden! I will take one please!
:0) I LOVE TOMATOES!!!! Mmmmmmmmmm!

You may not be able to sing a note, but your SINGS with love, so that is all that matters!

I have been fortunate enough to try your soap, and LOVE it and no wonder your family uses nothing other.

Sending a hug your way sweet lady!

Claire M said...

oops ... I forgot to say how neat it is to find out more about you!