Thursday, July 23, 2009


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Daily Practice

Thank you all for your most kind comments yesterday ... I truly wish we could all have some of that pasta together!!!

Our paint out went well too ... the day was cooler in the morning, growing hotter after lunch. My sketch, drat it all, began well, but I got too dark too fast with the paints, and ruined what I had begun... sigh. SO, when I got to the B&B last night, I practiced STAYING SOFT and LIGHT ... harder for me than most folks, I suppose. So this softer version of flowers was done to help train myself on reserving the LIGHTS.... geez .....

We've overcast skies and rain predicted ..but a day with only a few meetings ... YAHOO!

Enjoy the day!


Teri C said...

Oh Lin this is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well you certainly redeemed yourself, although I bet the first one wasn't as bad as you say. This is beautiful. And the light is terrific. You did yourself proud!!!

Joan said...

LOVELY softness to the pansies!!!! You definitely saved your lights!!