Saturday, July 18, 2009

Path and Purple Flowers

Path and Purple Flowers
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Daily Practice

My son came to visit yesterday -- it seems like weeks since I've seen him. He had been working on C's computer, and he brought with him a couple of new programs for me to try. Whenever I have computer issues, he's the one I turn to get me out of the messes I make-- reminds me of reverse roles now that he's a grown man! LOL I had to marvel at his ability to understand all this software science and the ease he has with computer trouble-shooting.. To me, it's like flying thru letter and number minefields that could wipe out everything you hold precious! Amazing!

We got a bit of rain yesterday, and there were some extreme storms south of us with much wind and rain and falling trees and downed power. We received about 10 minutes of rain, and a bit more last night - but it fell gently and welcome. Funny how a dozen miles or so can make such a difference in the weather patterns.

After spending a week painting pears, I found it a bit challenging to return to landscapes and I felt a bit rusty as I was working on this one. I see a few things I'd change, but it felt good to be thinking in other colors and forms.

We're planning to have dinner with some friends tonight - I'm looking forward to seeing them again - Should be a fairly relaxing day -- and I hope yours is too!


Teri C said...

Ohmygosh Lin, this is just gorgeous and alive with light!!

Joan said...

Wonderful soft summery colors in this!!! Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

WEll you haven't lost your knack for landscape painting Lin. I love how you did the road with the tufs of grass in the middle. I remember well those roads in Vermont of my youth! Lovely!

mARTa said...

A very serene passage. I'm having surgery on Monday and am trying to think positive as I am a bit apprehensive (nurses know too much about all the bad things that can happen). So, gazing at this sketch made me sigh and has begun to put me more at ease. Thank you. I'm glad it was the first art work that my eyes saw this morning!

caseytoussaint said...

What a beautiful, peaceful landscape, Lin - thank you for posting it.