Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pears - Wet in Wet

Pears - Wet in Wet
Originally uploaded by linfrye
Daily Practice

Though I began this second attempt for something FAR looser than this came out, I did vary the technique by adding wet washes into and/or over wet washes. I did this twice on both pears .... very very WET!!! Still when they dried, the bottom of the red pear was a bit blue, so I added the tiniest bit of red glaze. There was far less careful application of paint, waiting for the pears to dry only once, and more of letting the paint mix on the paper and bringing all that watery paint to the bottom of the pears to form the shadows.

Still, when I look at this, other than aspects of depth, it looks pretty much the same to me in color and hue variety .... does it to you?

We're off to a green industry 'field day' today - classes and exhibits for our industry -- so I'll be out of pocket until late tonight ...

Hope your day is great!


squawmama said...

Morning Lin... WOW what a difference it made in that painting... I thought it was pretty before but wow it is so beautiful and realistic...


Teri C said...

You are making me hungry for pears with these great juicy sketches.

caseytoussaint said...

I think the shadow really anchor the pears and add depth to the picture plane in this one.

Joan said...

This one has a bit more punch than the one below. Good job!!